[To Be the Top] Endeavor
Character Arts


Ability Board Items
Coin - x2622000

Hold On! Health Pack (Small) - x9

Hold On! Health Can (Small) - x15

Hold On! Health Bottle (Small) - x49

Hold On! Health Ball (Small) - x40

Hold On! Health Pack (Medium) - x73

Hold On! Health Can (Medium) - x95

Hold On! Health Bottle (Medium) - x100

Hold On! Health Ball (Medium) - x50

Hold On! Health Timer (Medium) - x38

Hold On! Health Pack (Large) - x100

Hold On! Health Can (Large) - x100

Hold On! Health Bottle (Large) - x85

Hold On! Health Ball (Large) - x30

Hold On! Health Weights (Large) - x30

MAX Power! Pack (Small) - x9

MAX Power! Can (Small) - x15

MAX Power! Bottle (Small) - x49

MAX Power! Ball (Small) - x35

MAX Power! Weights (Small) - x72

MAX Power! Pack (Medium) - x73

MAX Power! Can (Medium) - x95

MAX Power! Bottle (Medium) - x100

MAX Power! Ball (Medium) - x25

MAX Power! Weights (Medium) - x35

MAX Power! Timer (Medium) - x76

MAX Power! Pack (Large) - x100

MAX Power! Can (Large) - x100

MAX Power! Bottle (Large) - x85

MAX Power! Ball (Large) - x100

MAX Power! Weights (Large) - x60

MAX Power! Timer (Large) - x40

Extreme Speed! Pack (Small) - x9

Extreme Speed! Can (Small) - x15

Extreme Speed! Bottle (Small) - x49

Extreme Speed! Weights (Small) - x36

Extreme Speed! Pack (Medium) - x73

Extreme Speed! Can (Medium) - x95

Extreme Speed! Bottle (Medium) - x100

Extreme Speed! Weights (Medium) - x70

Extreme Speed! Pack (Large) - x100

Extreme Speed! Can (Large) - x100

Extreme Speed! Bottle (Large) - x40

Extreme Speed! Ball (Large) - x80

Extreme Speed! Timer (Large) - x80

Brilliant Bronze Plaque - x1

Brilliant Bronze Trophy - x2

Brilliant Bronze Cup - x3

Brilliant Bronze Award - x5

Brilliant Bronze Flag - x5

Superb Silver Plaque - x10

Superb Silver Trophy - x10

Superb Silver Cup - x10

Superb Silver Award - x15

Superb Silver Flag - x15

Supreme Golden Plaque - x10

Supreme Golden Trophy - x10

Supreme Golden Cup - x10

Supreme Golden Award - x20

Supreme Golden Flag - x20

Small Gear (DST) - x7

Small Ring (DST) - x5

Small Chip (DST) - x11

Small Screw (DST) - x100

Small Nut (DST) - x102

Small Pipe (DST) - x44

Medium Gears (DST) - x109

Medium Rings (DST) - x143

Medium Chip (DST) - x163

Medium Screw (DST) - x24

Medium Nut (DST) - x60

Medium Pipe (DST) - x30

Intricate Gears (DST) - x105

Intricate Rings (DST) - x100

Intricate Chip (DST) - x80

Complex Screw (DST) - x75

Complex Nut (DST) - x81

Complex Pipe (DST) - x75

Tiny Light (DST) - x12

Tiny Cylinder (DST) - x31

Tiny Battery (DST) - x32

Tiny Capacitor (DST) - x45

Tiny Fan (DST) - x102

Tiny Memory Drive (DST) - x20

Medium Light (DST) - x172

Medium Cylinder (DST) - x180

Medium Battery (DST) - x175

Medium Capacitor (DST) - x45

Medium Fan (DST) - x75

Medium Memory Drive (DST) - x70

Charged-up Light (DST) - x110

Charged-up Cylinder (DST) - x238

Charged-up Battery (DST) - x140

Powerful Capacitor (DST) - x60

Powerful Fan (DST) - x140

Powerful Memory Drive (DST) - x70

Character Traits


Frozen: 50

Frostbite: 50

Burning: 100